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In the pursuit of relevance and success in an ever-shifting consumer landscape, merchants require constant calibration of their operations to thrive, especially in the digital space. With scores of shoppers moving online each day, customer loyalty is won through innovation, imagination, ease of use, and trustworthiness. That’s where digital transformation comes in. 
We compiled this report in a joint effort with Capgemini to showcase how merchants are adapting to the demands of an increasingly complicated marketplace. It’s not a small order. As Brijesh Patel, the Vice President of Finance Transformation for Capgemini’s Business Services explains:

Vice President of Finance Transformation, Capgemini

Investment in omnichannel aims to deliver fast sales, convenience and access to a broader customer demographic, all the while creating data driven brand stickiness for profitable growth. For many traditional retailers, however, this journey comes with a trail of expensive mistakes or missed ROI when calculating the critical measures that matter. Often these propositions are launched without an end-to-end business perspective, creating further disconnect from the front-to-back office. More workarounds and hand-offs generate inefficiency, latency in financial performance reporting and a sub-optimal customer experience.

In navigating these issues, it is important organizations balance the speed, risk and scale by engaging the right people across the organization to ensure this retail investment is not short-lived and can create the right growth stream of revenue and profit, that can be tracked and managed. At the same time, ensuring organizations are protected from regulatory, financial, fraud and data risks which are prevalent when trading in a modern digital era.

In this report, we’ve highlighted the kind of thinking that is revolutionizing the eCommerce space. As a partner to several Fortune 500 merchants in the eCommerce revolution, Riskified takes pride in our work to ease the burden of friction, safely process over 1 billion orders, and help companies find ways to be profitable, creative, and efficient at all points in the journey.